Collaborative Computational Project for NMR

CCPN is a public non-profit project, funded by the Medical Research Council

Welcome to CCPN

Together with its partners, the Collaborative Computing Project for NMR (CCPN) aims to improve and integrate software tools for scientists involved in NMR spectroscopy of biological molecules. We also organise conferences and workshops and actively promote best practices, knowledge sharing and collaboration. We also serve as a forum for discussion in the community about research data management, funding and sustainability. 

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AnalysisAssign is our core program whose functionalities underlie all the three others. The programme lets you view, inspect, peak pick, label and assign one or many NMR spectra, either 1D or nD up to 8 dimensions.

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Designed for NMR-based small-molecule screening, AnalysisScreen lets you view and analyse large 1D data sets, find hits and create compound mixtures. It’s automation tools enable quick, efficient and reproducible data analysis workflows.

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View, peak pick and label large 1D data sets or perform Principal Componenet Analysis (PCA) with the beta-version of AnalysisMetabolomics.

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Prepare data for structure calculations and analyse your resulting restraints by linking back to peaks with AnalysisStructure-beta.

CCPN Support

We offer support to users via our Forum. We also provide a large bank of video tutorials & manual pages and offer pdf-based tutorials with sample data for new users. You are also welcome to contact us by e-mail at


Our highly appreciated UK-based annual conferences are aimed particularly at young researchers and have an emphasis on training and best practice.


We run a variety of in-person and online workshops either organised by ourselves or as part of other NMR courses.

Commercial Licensing

Profit-making organisations need to purchase a license in order to use our software. These operate on an annual per-seat basis. Our support package includes bespoke demos or workshops, if required. We also offer 3-month trial licenses for those who are new to us and are open to collaborations with industrial partners.

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Our latest AnalysisScreen developments make this a leading software tool for the analysis of NMR-based screening data: speed-optimised throughout, improved matching between reference and control spectra, flexible plotting functions and real-time updates when changing algorithms, thresholds or scoring functions. Its customisable automation tools enable quick, efficient and reproducible data analysis workflows.

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