Working Group

Photograph of Geerten Vuister

Geerten Vuister, Chair

Alongside his NMR work on Calcium-binding proteins, Geerten has had a long-standing interest in developing software tools for biomolecular NMR spectroscopists, in particular in the area of structure validation. He took over as Chair of the CCPN working group and main CCPN grant holder in 2013 and has been overseeing the transition of CcpNmr Analysis from Version 2 to Version 3.

Photograph of Ed Brooksbank

Ed Brooksbank

Ed is a software engineer who did his PhD within the Engineering Department and has experience of working in both academic and industrial settings. He joined CCPN in early 2017 and is responsible for implementing and maintaining code across all our programs.

Photograph of Vicky Higman

Vicky Higman

Vicky has many years of experience in both solution and solid-state NMR of proteins and is known by many spectroscopists for her Protein NMR website. She joined CCPN in 2019 and is involved in design, testing, writing documentation, running workshops, arranging licensing as well as a small amount of coding.

Photograph of Eliza Płoskon-Arthur

Eliza Płoskon-Arthur

Eliza did her PhD on the structures of acyl carrier proteins using NMR spectroscopy. Following several more lab based jobs, she is glad to back working on the computational side of NMR since joining CCPN in late 2019. She is primarily working on the design, testing and implementation of AnalysisStructure and NEF-related issues.

Luca Mureddu

Luca did his PhD within the CCPN group, developing software tools for fragment based-screening. He finished in the summer of 2020 and now continues to work for CCPN as a postdoc with a focus on delivering tools for our industrial partners.

Morgan Hayward

Morgan Hayward

Morgan is a PhD student with a background in Bioinformatics. He joined CCPN in mid-2021 and is working on developing software tools for NMR Metabolomics.

Dan Thompson

Dan is a graduate in Electronic Engineering who has joined the CCPN team to help out on the programming side. He is fixing lots of bugs as well and enhancing many of the program’s features.

Photograph of Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson

Gary has over 30 years of experience in solution NMR of proteins alongside which he has developed a strong interest in programming. He currently manages the NMR facility at the University of Kent, but also contributes significant amounts of code to the CCPN project.

Photograph of Brian Smith

Brian Smith

As well as running his NMR group at the University of Glasgow, Brian has been a long-time supporter of CCPN. Having previously chaired the Executive Committee, he now acts as CCPN Secretary. Brian has also contributed code towards the project and is particularly interested in the implementation of relaxation data analysis and integration with related software.

Frankie Andrews

Frankie helps to keep the admin side of CCPN running smoothly.

Former Members

Joanna Fox
Rasmus Fogh
Wayne Boucher
Tim Stevens
Ernest Laue (former Principal investigator and main grant holder)
Simon Skinner 
Chris Spronk
Andy Raine

Executive Committee

Dr Helen Mott, University of Cambridge, Chair
Dr Brian Smith, University of Glasgow, Secretary
Prof. Geerten Vuister, University of Leicester, Chair of the working group
Dr Matt Cliff, University of Manchester
Dr Rivka Isaccson, King’s College, London
Dr Józef Lewandowski, University of Warwick
Dr Michael Plevin, University of York
Prof. Christina Redfield, University of Oxford
Dr Uli Schwarz-Linek, University of St Andrews
Dr Christopher Waudby, University College, London
Dr Joern Werner, University of Southampton
Prof. Anja Böckmann, University of Lyon, non-UK representative
Dr Mark Bostock, AstraZeneca, Industry representative
Dr Anjali Menakath, University of Warwick, Early career representative