The annual CCPN conference usually takes place in the summer and is specifically aimed at PhD students and post-docs (predominantly from the UK). It is a small, friendly conference with an emphasis on practical details, lots of time for discussion and plenty of opportunities to get to know other scientists, especially during the now legendary CCPN walk on the afternoon of the middle day. Poster presenters from the UK receive a generous discount to make attendance as affordable as possible for young scientists.

2024 Conference in Kent

The 2024 CCPN conference is scheduled to take place from Wednesday 10 – Friday 12 July 2024 at the University of Kent. The conference will be preceded by an in-person workshop on the Wednesday morning and followed by a symposium on the Friday afternoon which will celebrate 25 years of biological NMR at Kent. As in previous years, we intend to offer online access to the talks.

Registration is now open on our Registration page.
Early Bird registration deadline: Monday 3 June 2024
Final registration deadline: Monday 24 June 2024.


Confirmed speakers for our three sessions:


Teresa Carlomagno, University of Birmingham
Celestine Chi, Astra Zeneca Gothenburg
Giancarlo Abis, King’s College London
Hesna Kara, University of Leicester


Marie Phelan, University of Liverpool
Jonathan Swann, University of Southampton
Christian Ludwig, University of Birmingham
Fay Probert, University of Oxford

Ultra-high field NMR

Trent Franks, University of Warwick
Marco Schiavina, University of Florence
Vaibhav Shukla, University College London
Birgit Habenstein, CNRS Bordeaux


We are grateful to Connect NMR UK for funding bursaries to cover travel and registration costs for students and early career researchers.

View of Canterbury from the University of Kent: a park with people enjoying the sunshine, trees in the background and the roofs and spires of Canterbury in the distance.
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is now open.


will be available in due course.

Travel Details

How to get to the University of Kent Canterbury campus.

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