Workshop Questionnaire

Questionnaire for CCPN online workshops 2022


    Did you attend one of our online workshops in 2022?

    Workshop Feedback

    Did you find the workshop(s) helpful?
    Any particular likes/dislikes?
    What could we do to improve our online workshops?
    Would you attend another CCPN workshop?
    It is noticeable that we are asked for help less in online workshops compared to in person workshops.
    Did you find it easy to ask for help when you were stuck with something?

    If you didn't find it easy to ask for help, why was this the case?
    This year, we themed our online workshops, so that everyone was working through the same tutorial.
    Did you like this approach or would you have preferred more general workshops where everyone can work on their preferred tutorial rather than everyone working on the same one?

    Would you have preferred a different platform to Zoom?
    If so, which one and why?

    Why did you not end up attending despite having registered?

    Other reason for not attending the CCPN workshop(s):

    Would you consider attending an online CCPN workshop?
    If not, why?

    Alternative Support Options

    In addition to offering support via our online Forum and our e-mail address, we may consider offering regular consultation hours (on varying days & at varying times to suit multiple schedules and time zones).
    Would you find it helpful to have a regular consultation hour?

    What format would you prefer?

    Other format for weekly consultation hours:

    Other Comments

    Any other comments?
    If you would like us to get back to you about any of your comments, please leave us your e-mail address: