2002 Cambridge

Conference Programme

Steve Matthews (Imperial College London)
NMR of non-ideal proteins) producing and characterising samples for NMR studies

David Neuhaus (MRC-LMB Cambridge)
NOEs in complexes

Kristy Downing and Jo O’Leary (University of Oxford)
Comparative strategies for NMR sample production involving in vitro or in vivo refolding

Lu-Yun Lian (UMIST)
Large or difficult proteins – how to make them NMR-friendly

David Cowburn (NY Structural Biology Center)
Making and characterizing signal transduction proteins for NMR structural and dynamic studies

Cheryl Arrowsmith (University of Toronto)
Structural proteomics and the quest for soluble samples

Takanori Kigawa (RIKEN Yokohama Institute, Japan)
Our practical expertise in cell-free protein expression approaches

Stefan Bagby (University of Bath)
Expression, purification and screening strategies for protein production

Peter Flynn (University of Pennsylvania)
NMR studies of encapsulated proteins dissolved in low viscosity solvents

Stephan Grzesiek (University of Basel)
Real-life protein NMR: HIV-1 Nef as an example

Paul Driscoll (University College London)
Difficult proteins – the Bloomsbury experience