2012 Scarborough

Conference Programme

Geerten Vuister
Automated techniques in NMR structure determination. How far have we come?

Torsten Herrmann
Comparative modeling for liquid and solid-state NMR structure determination

Jurgen Doreleijers
Large-scale analysis of NMR structures, remediation of common problems.

Wim Vranken
Data and coordinates: what’s in a structure?

Tim Stevens
CCPN: past and new developments

Dmitri Svergun
Small-angle X-ray scattering and its complementarity to NMR

Michael Sattler
NMR helped by electrons: Structural studies combining NMR with SAXS, with EPR, and with spin labels

Andrew Lawrence
NMR, EPR and X-ray crystallography as complementary techniques for investigating protein structure and function

John Schwabe
When X-rays need a little help from NMR

Elisabetta Chiarparin
Fragment based discovery of a potent XIAP and cIAP1 Dual Antagonist: the NMR perspective

Trevor Rutherford
Targeted rescue of a destabilised mutant of the tumour suppressor p53

Yingqi Xu
Automatic chemical shift assignment for methyl groups in large proteins

Mark Howard
STD – Saturation Transfer Difference