2013 Leicester

Conference Programme

Eriks Kupce (Bruker) Sponsored talk
NMR with multiple receivers

TJ Ragan (NIMR Mill Hill)
Sample volume in metabolomic NMR: determination and consequences

Christian Ludwig (University of Birmingham)
Deciphering complex metabolic networks using NMR spectroscopy

Jaelle Foot (University of Leicester)
Screening protein – single stranded RNA complexes by NMR spectroscopy for structure determination

Andrea Sauerwein (UCL)
Transient structure and dynamics of HDAC2: How does an intrinsically disordered domain regulate protein function?

Ben Goult (University of Leicester)
A multi-disciplinary approach to unravelling the Talin Rod

Robert Yan (NIMR Mill Hill)
Characterisation of the ferredoxin/IscS complex by hybrid methods

Andrew Brentnall (University of York)
Structural characterisation of surface proteins promoting host colonisation and biofilm formation

Steve Matthews (Imperial College)
SUMO wrestling with NMR