2023 Glasgow

Tatyana Polenova, University of Delaware

Integrative Structural Biology: Peering into Large Assemblies with Atomic Resolution

Emil Thomasen, University of Copenhagen

Conformational and oligomeric states of SPOP from SAXS and MD simulations

Laura Itzhaki, University of Cambridge

An integrated approach to developing constrained peptides as anti- malarials

Santiago Martínez Lumbreras, Technical University Munich

Understanding the role of the splicing factor PRPF40A in early spliceosomal assemblies using integrated methods

Charles Schwieters, NIH

Topics in automating structure determination using the Xplor-NIH package

Alex Heyam, University of Leeds

SNAPS: a tool for Simple NMR Assignments using Predicted Shifts

Sarah Kuschert, University of Queensland

Facilitating the structural characterisation of non-canonical amino acids in biomolecular NMR

Uluk Rasulov, University of Southampton

Neural network assisted backbone resonance assignment for large proteins with a single HNCA

Stanislava Panova, Astex Pharmaceuticals

NMR for small molecule drug discovery

Gabriella Heller, University College London

Drugging intrinsically disordered proteins with NMR and MD

Ridvan Nepravishta, Cancer Research Horizons, Beatson Institute

Screening with STD-NMR

Kevin Haubrich, University of Dundee

19F NMR for drug design of E3 ligase ligands and PROTACs

Geerten Vuister & Vicky Higman, University of Leicester

CCPN Update