AnalysisAssign is our core program for spectral analysis of biological NMR data. It can handle spectra with up to 8 dimensions, facilitates spectrum overlays and strip plots, and provides correlations across different spectra using the mouse and marks. Chemical shifts are automatically calculated from peaks across multiple spectra and peaks can be labelled systematically or flexibly by users.

AnalysisAssign screen capture demonstrating intuitive handling of 1D spectra

Intuitive handling of 1D spectra

Zoom, pan and peak pick 1Ds as easily as 2Ds. Create stacked plots with bespoke X and Y offsets.

AnalysisAssign screen capture demonstrating handling of multidimensional spectra

Excellent handling of multidimensional spectra

Quickly and easily navigate through 2D, 3D and higher dimensionality spectra using the mouse or keyboard, overlay unlimited numbers of spectra and easily rotate between different plane views or make strip plots.

AnalysisAssign animated screen capture demonstrating easy backbone assignment routine

Easy Backbone Assignment routine

Use our semi-automatic backbone assignment routine to make assignments quickly and minimise the amount of repetitive manual tasks.

AnalysisAssign screen capture demonstrating easy macro scripting

Easy macro scripting

Use our command echo feature to create your own macros and shortcuts using Python. Advanced users can also make use of packages such as numpy, pandas, matplotlib, SciPy, nmrglue and others.

Screen capture showing how to use NMR Exchange Format to import/export data

NMR Exchange Format import / export

Use the new NMR Exchange Format (NEF) to export and deposit data with the BMRB and wwPDB and exchange data between projects or with other NMR software.

Animated screen capture showing interactive phasing

Interactive Phasing

Determine your phasing parameters for spectral processing and phase in multiple 3D planes simultaneously.

Screen capture of AnalysisAssign showing an example of 2D projects created from 3D spectra


Create 2D projects from 3D spectra along any axis using maximum, minimum or sum methods and with or without threshold cutoffs.

AnalysisAssign screen capture demonstrating spectrum calibrations


Easily adjust spectrum calibrations and referenceing using interactive or peak-based matching.

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