AnalysisScreen has been designed to assist the analysis of small-molecule screening data. It can handle a wide range of data including 1H and 19F spectra, STD, Water-LOGSY, CPMG and other experiments. By collaborating with industrial users we are ensuring that we are addressing the needs and requirements of real-world spectroscopists and datasets.

AnalysisScreen screen capture demonstrating handling of 1D spectra

Excellent handling of 1D spectra

Load, zoom, pan and peak pick large numbers of 1Ds quickly and easily. Create stacked plots with bespoke X and Y offsets.

Screen capture demonstrating mixture generation and analysis

Mixture Generation and Analysis

Given a set a reference spectra, you can create and analyse mixtures to minimise spectral overlap.

Screen capture demonstrating how to import large datasets from Excel files

Import large datasets from Excel files

Use an Excel table as a lookup file to import large datasets.

AnalysisScreen screen capture displaying large datasets

Fast Analysis of large datasets

We speed optimise all our workflows to make sure that you can work comfortably with thousands of spectra per dataset.

AnalysisScreen screen capture demonstrating bespoke workflows

Create bespoke workflows

Build your own pipeline of processing and analysis tasks which you can apply to multiple spectra in one go, save for future use and share with your colleagues. 

AnalysisScreen screen capture demonstrating quality scores

Quality scores for easy decision making

Use our quality scores to accept or reject clear-cut results rapidly, and then quickly identify borderline cases which need to be inspected manually.

Screen capture showing real-time updates

Real-time updates of scores

Change your thresholds or algorithms and get immediately updated quality and assessment scores.

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