Our Approach

Screen capture featuring the drag and drop elements


Our aim is for CcpNmr Analysis Version 3 to be based on modern software principles, such as using drag & drop elements and standard cross-program shortcuts as well as being as intuitive and discoverable as possible.

Detail screen capture illustrating flexibility


Although we do provide a number of standard workflows, Version 3 is designed to be used flexibly and in different ways by different users, depending on their own preferences, data types and working practices.

Screen capture demonstrating how customisable the software is


An integrated Python console and macro editor allow users to write their own Python macros or plugins. These can be short scripts to automate repetitive tasks, or new complex algorithms that are developed within our environment as an alternative to creating a new standalone program. Scientific python packages such as Numpy, SciPy, pandas, openBabel, NmrGlue, etc. are an integral part of the distribution and can be used without any need for installation. 

Flow diagram to illustrate integration with other programs and databases


We are using the new NMR Exchange Format (NEF) and some custom plugins to allow data exchange with other biomolecular NMR programs and databases without loss of information. 

Screen Capture of the CCPN Forum


CCPN has a long tradition of providing excellent user support while also continuously being developed. Users can use our Forum for questions and bug reports and learn about the program via our Tutorials, Manual and YouTube Video tutorials.