Commercial Users

CCPN software is free for non-profit use, but industrial users must pay a licence fee.

For Version 3 this is an annual fee determined by the number of users in your organisation. The core package also includes access to Version 2 and ChemBuild. Please contact us at for an up-to-date price list or quote.

Person signing documentation

CCPN Licences provide:

  • Use of Version 3 of CcpNmr AnalysisAssign for a specified number of users as well as occasional use by a PI
  • Ability to add the use of AnalysisScreen, AnalysisMetabolimcs and/or AnalysisStructure to your package (at an additional cost)
  • Use of Version 2 of CcpNmr Analysis and ChemBuild
  • Active user support, including via an online forum
  • Training courses on the operation of CCPN software
  • Training courses on scientific programming within the CCPN scheme
  • Ability to guide the development of the CCPN software

Licence agreement

Commercial users must sign a copy of our licence agreement.

Trial licences

We offer 3-month trial licences for those who are new to CCPN’s software. To request a trial licence, send us a signed copy of the trial licence agreement to and let us know which operating system(s) you will be using.

The role of CCPN licence fees

Industrial licence fees enable us to offer more courses and better software support and development. They also have an important role in subsidising the annual CCPN conference (aimed at PhD students and new post-doc researchers) to encourage attendance by young scientists.

Influence on the CCPN development process

We are always interested in forming new collaborations with industrial partners to help develop the software to industrial requirements. We may also be able to provide bespoke developments in certain areas.

Version 2 

CcpNmr Analysis Version 2 licence holders are able to continue with their Version 2 licence which is based on company turnover rather than number of users. See here for more details

How to subscribe

If you are interested in buying a licence, asking for a trial licence or would like a price list, please contact us at

Our Commercial Users include: