Contribute to the CCPN project

We welcome and encourage contributions to the CCPN project from everyone in the NMR community. Examples of contributions are: 

Bug fixing:

  • If you have spotted bugs which we weren’t aware of, and you have a solution


  • Macros
    Add your macros to our Macro Library. Or write to us directly if you have a script that you want to suggest for inclusion to the program as part of the built-in CCPN macros.
  • Create a new plugin
    If you have a small program that you want to share with a larger community but don’t have resources for creating your own software-suite
  • Add to the source-code
    If you want to add a new feature to the current framework


  • You have a custom workflow for your analysis, and you want to share it as a new tutorial (source-code access not required)

If you want to contribute to the project as a developer with access to the source code, please follow these steps:

  • Send us a developer-access request to, including a short description of your proposed work
  • Wait for our review to avoid any duplicated code, we will then send you some installation scrips
  • Create an account on Bitbucket
  • Download and install PyCharm Community
  • (if needed, follow some tutorials on PyCharm and GitHub procedures)
  • Run the CcpNmr installation scripts we have provided
  • Create a fork of the project
  • Make changes to your copy of the original project, commit and push them
  • When you are ready to share your changes, rebase your fork on the latest branch in the original project
  • Create a pull request to suggest your changes to the original project.

Macros can be submitted online or sent to us directly at  

To contribute to the documentation, please contact us at