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Screen capture for the beginner tutorial

Beginner Tutorial

Find out how to load and display spectra, change contour levels, zoom, peak pick, work with strips and print spectra.

HSQC spectrum

Introduction to NMR Tutorial

Learn how to open and investigate some spectra and make peak assignments from an imported Chemical Shift List.

CcpNmr Analysis Desktop with BMRB logo


Learn how to download an NMR-STAR file from the BMRB, import it into Analysis and create a simulated peak list from the chemical shifts.

Solution NMR

Screen capture of Backbone Assignment Tutorial

Backbone Assignment Tutorial

Learn how to do the semi-automated backbone assignment of a protein using our dedicated tools.

Assigned CCcoNH strip and 2D 1H-13C HSQC contour plot

Side-chain Assignment Tutorial

Find out how you can use a variety of features to help you assign the aliphatic side chains of a protein.

Screen capture from the Chemical Shift Perturbation Analysis Tutorial

Chemical Shift Perturbation Analysis Tutorial

Learn how to analyse titration data, plot chemical shift changes on a histogram, obtain binding curves and Kd values, and show your results on a structure in PyMOL.
NEW & UPDATED – April 2023!

T2 Data table with fitting curve and per residue bar chart

Dynamics Tutorial

This tutorial introduces our new beta-version Relaxation module with which you can analyse T1, T2 and Heteronuclear NOE data and do reduced spectral density mapping.

Solid-state NMR

Screen capture from the Peptide Assignment Solid-state NMR Tutorial

Sup35 Peptide Assignment Tutorial

Find out how to use Analysis to assign a small uniformly labelled peptide using 13C-detected spectra.

Screen capture from the HETs Assignment Solid-state NMR Tutorial

HETs Assignment Tutorial

Use Analysis to assign uniformly labelled HETs218 using 13C-detected spectra.

Screen capture from the Solid-state NMR Tutorial

SH3 Assignment NMR Tutorial

Learn how to AnalysisAssign to make manual assignments in solid-state NMR spectra, and assign a small protein using [1,3]-13C and [2]-13C labelled glycerol samples.


Screenshots of CcpNmrAnalysis and PyMol

Structure Tutorial

Learn how to export structure calculation data to XPLOR and then import and analyse the results. You can follow this tutorial even if you don’t have XPLOR installed on your computer.

NMR Exchange Format (NEF)

Screenshot of Import Nef Dialog box

How To Import/Export NEF files

Learn how to use NEF to move data between CCPN projects.

Stacked and labelled reference spectra

How To Import Reference Mixtures from NEF

Find out how to import Reference Mixture data stored in a NEF file, ready to start a analysing a new set of screening data.

Chemical Shift List section of a NEF file

How To Create a NEF file from Tabular Data

Instructions for how to create a NEF file from old tabular data in order to import it into CcpNmr Analysis or other programs.

A Swiss Army Knife branded with the NEF Pipelines logo

How To Manipulate Data with NEF Pipelines

Learn how to export data to MARS or iPine for automatic assignment using the NEF Pipelines software written by Gary Thompson.

NEF Workshop

Watch a recording of the demos from our online NEF Workshop in November 2022.


Screen Capture of Tutorial Data

Screen Data

Download these data and projects for use with our Screening Tutorials and How-Tos.

Screen capture of Hit Analysis Graphing module

Hit Analysis Tutorial

Learn how to use AnalysisScreen, including the use of SpectrumGroups, Pipelines, Hit Analysis, data import from Excel and NEF and creation of NEF Reference Mixture Files.

Screen capture from AnalysisScreen Mixtures Tutorial

Mixtures Tutorial

Find out how to generate, analyse and edit compound mixtures for your screening library.

Macro Writing

Screen capture from the Macro Writing Tutorial

Macro Writing Tutorial

Learn how easily to write Python macros in CcpNmr Analysis Version 3, so you can create shortcuts and manipulate and analyse your data in bespoke ways.

A dialog box for a routine which will filter peak lists

GUI Macro Writing Tutorial

Find out how to make your macros more user friendly by adding a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in the form of a pop-up dialog box.